Graduate Seminar

THE SILVA METHOD SPECIALIZED GRADUATE LECTURE SERIES (GLS) SEMINAR builds upon the techniques and principles learned in the Silva Method Life Systems (Basic Seminar) and Silva Intuition Training (SIT). The Seminar augments the knowledge developed from Jose Silva’s decades of research on the powers of the human mind and it’s potential. Learn how and why the techniques work. Learn to overcome problems in your current programming and enhance the power of the techniques. Also, learn new advanced programming techniques to help yourself and your loved ones. In the class, subjects covered will include:
Hypnosis and Age Regression: Learn how you can benefit from age regression and how you can effectively
regress your mind to learn from the past (postnatal and prenatal) — and use the information to correct problems.

  • The Center of the Galaxy Technique: A special technique for acquiring guidance from Higher Intelligence
  • Remote Viewing: Learn to perform effective remote viewing to get information thru the Superconscious
  • Map Dowsing and Increased Intuition: Use simple tools like the pendulum and dowsing rods to communicate to your subconscious. Learn how to use pendulum to effectively locate missing objects using a map and your pendulum as extensions of your mind.
  • Psychometry: Learn to enhance your caseworking abilities by tuning in to energies of objects that belong to others in order to pull beneficial information.
  • Effective Personal Programming Scripts: Designing, composing, and delivering scripts to instruct your brain and Inner-Conscious mind to achieve your desires
  • Mental Movies (Mental Rehearsal): How to pre-condition events so they happen just as you programmed them. This is a great tool for sports, speeches, overcoming shyness,…
  • Creativity: How to enhance creative thinking and how to avoid blocks to your creativity.
  • Mind Mapping: How to use this right-brain tool to be creative.
  • How to Help Family Members: How to teach family members to relax and use deep-levels to achieve their goals.
  • Special Glass of Water Technique: How to “program” water to improve health and help you with specific goals
  • The Mind-Body Connection: How special mental processes can make you healthier, more energetic, and tranquil
  • “Right-Brain” Thinking: Understanding and eliminating blocks to Right-Brain thinking.
  • Special Conditioning Cycle: A technique to deepen and enhance the ALPHA-Level

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