Self Healing Seminar

Self Healing Seminar

Did you know that by changing your perception, you are able to change your reality? Everything in your life exists
as a direct result of your core beliefs. When you learn to change these core beliefs, you are then able to experience
an entirely new life filled with all the wonderful things you truly seek.

This is the message, and the ultimate outcome of the Silva Self-Healing Mind Program. You are given tools to
achieve everything that your heart dreams. Thru this program you will find yourself gaining confidence to become
a high achiever in all areas of your life.

By attending this two-day life-altering seminar you master the spiritual techniques that empower you to attain and
maintain excellence physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, career wise, in all your relationships, and
financially. You are all healers, and have the ability to correct any anomalies in your life. Jose Silva’s dream was to
“develop a healer in every family.” Therefore this brand new Silva Self-Healing Mind Program is his dream

You will spend the first day of this empowering program desensitize limiting beliefs that inhibit your growth and
optimum performance. Such baggage as guilt, negative karma, energy blocks, and other beliefs that lead to self-
sabotage are cleared away, so you can experience your true innate abilities.

During these two-day hands on workshop, you will learn many new Silva techniques to enable you to become a
no-limit person and not only prevent anomalies at any level, but also to conquer it. You will learn of the various
spiritual principles that govern the universe, such as the “Principle of Attraction”, the “Principle of Cause and
Effect”, and the “Principle of Karma”. More importantly you will learn how to utilize these principles, so they can
benefit you, and speed the healing and achievement process.

The Silva Self-Healing techniques are divided into the following 7 categories:

1. Prevention and Empowerment – You are provided with many different methods to take control of your life and
prevent disharmonies. One important technique is the “Mental Power Magnet”, which is a thought form that
allows you to quickly remove negativity from your life, and replace it with positive mental attitude. Another
technique called “Negative Belief Desensitization”, allows you to instantly remove negative beliefs toward food,
people, ideas or any other objects around you. You will learn to tap into the theta levels to boost your biological
intelligence, and enjoy health and rapid learning benefits. The “Pillar of Light” technique is introduced, which is
yet another thought form that acts as a reminder to you and your loved ones for universal protection, which includes
your possessions.

2. Energization – You will learn about your spiritual energy composition, and techniques to boost your energy
level instantly to attain optimal performance levels. This includes boosting your business, finances, and your
relationships. More importantly, you learn ways to maintain high levels of energy throughout the day. Various
ways to “balance your chakras” (energy centers) are introduced in order to and normalize and harmonize your
body’s energy flow. Consider this a tune up of your energy body, which results in longevity and greatness in your
life at all levels. 3. Relationship to Self – The most important relationship is the one you have with you. You learn to experience
ideal relationships in all areas of your life. To deal with emotional issues, you learn to go back in time, and find the
root cause of these anomalies, and alter them in this dimension so that their effects are eliminated at their root. You
learn how to use the “Emotional Clock” technique to shift your perception, and change your reality in all your
relationships (to food, people, beliefs, …). You will neutralize the “negative karmic effects” from your past at the
causal domain. “Forgiveness” is a powerful tool to offload the heavy burden of guilt and mend your relationships
with others and yourself.

4. Pain Removal – You will have more than a dozen different methods to deal with pain (including emotional
trauma), and to instantly eliminate its effects in your life. This includes painful relationships, or business.

5. Survival – You are given powerful techniques that you can use to activate your survival mechanism at will to
protect yourself. These include the “Stealth” technique, which takes attention away from you in emergencies,
where you are best unseen. The “Thumb in the Middle of the Forehead” activates the flight/fight mechanism to
help you avoid life threatening situations. Other methods for instantly programming, such as Special 3-Finger
Technique, to be used in any circumstance, are covered in depth

6. Localized Healing – You are presented with powerful techniques to perform effective work on any situation
(including health) that can be localized (pinpointed). Techniques such as the powerful Mental Energy Stimulation
and psychic surgery using props such as laser crystals are given. Other techniques that utilize human energy and
power of imagination are explored along with use of water as medicine to deal with any localized issues. The
concept of proxy to be used to apply localized healing to your business, finances, and relationships are introduced.

7. Generalized Health – Finally you will learn of various methods that you can utilize to effectively deal with any
issues that can’t be localized or pinpointed. These include immune deficiency, as well as mental, emotional, and
spiritual issues as well as other issues such as business, relationships, etc.

Eight mental exercises, which are performed at both alpha and theta levels reinforce the material. You will walk
out with a wealth of knowledge, as well as feeling energized, empowered, and more importantly totally confident
to deal with any issues in your life, in order to maintain excellence on all levels.

All of the techniques are tested with muscle testing before and after the application, to verify that these methods do
indeed work. In addition dowsing rods are used to demonstrate the shift in the energy fields as a result of the
empowerment techniques.

Upon successful completion of this class, you will earn a certificate, which entitles you to “repeat privileges for
life” of this course.

Kaykhosrow (AKA Kain) Samiya presents the Silva Self-Healing Mind Program. Kain is a certified Silva Method
lecturer and has won many Silva International awards, including the “Success Contest” grand prizewinner in 1996
and winner of “Special Achievement” awards for the years 1998-2000. During 2001 Kain was awarded with two
special awards, the “Special Project” award and the “Alpha Business” awards for his humanitarian contributions.
In August of 2006, Kain received “Silva’s Highest Achievement Award” at the Silva’s 40th anniversary convention
in Laredo, Texas. The founder of the Silva Method, Jose Silva, personally trained him.

Kain is a Silva master and certified trainer of the Silva Method Life Systems (SLS), Silva Intuition Training (SIT),
Silva UltraMind ESP, Graduate (GLS), and Ultra (Dynamic Healing). He is also a Silva Self-Healing and Holistic
Faith Healing Certified Trainer. He is a Master Hypnotist and member of NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).
Kain is the director of Silva for Central Asia. HisĀ  phone number is (972) 618-7905

Next Class, April 3-4 2011 in Plano, TX

Please read some of the testimonials from those who have completed this course.

“I took this class specifically for the pain removal part. I’ve had six arm surgeries including a peripheral nerve
implant with no success. I was diagnosed with nerve damage in both arms and reflex sympathetic dystrophy in my
right arm. Procedures and medications didn’t help the pain. After two years of intense suffering and loss of use of
most of my right arm and hand, I was desperate. After the first day of the course my pain disappeared completely. I
feel so deeply blessed I can write with my right hand, which was impossible before Silva Mind Programs for Self
Healing.” Lynette Cordell – Dallas, Texas

“Chock full of healing techniques based on scientific research. EXCELLENT.” Nor Azim M. – Shah Acam,

“This class far exceeded my expectations! Muscle testing was just the evidence my beta mind needed for
confirmation that the energy work is real.” Bettye Williams – Austin, Texas

“It was really mind opening. I have become very positive and feel more energetic.” Sajitha V. – Kuala Lumpur,

“Kain had my attention the entire course inclusively. All aspects of the course were uncharted water or additions
to existing techniques, which was very exciting in my opinion. A good experience. Thank you Kain.” Glen W. –
Coeur d’Alene, ID

“I realize that I have limited and conditioned my mind such that the mind decided my abilities are all within these
limits. This course has educated and made me aware with proof that I can change my previous conditioning and
limitations.” Terlochan – Johar Bahru, Malaysia

“This course met all of my expectations and more.” Richard G. – Arlington, TX

“It gave me some very powerful tools to help with any challenges I might have already programmed unconsciously
thru Law of Creation by Default.” Gloria Barnes – Dallas, Texas

“It is really amazing. I am a totally new person. I look forward to life with real confidence and trust.” Lee K.K. –
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“The course was a unique experience. Very well organized. The presenter is very knowledgeable on the subject.
The course manual is a model. It has an excellent index, and the explanations are very clear and concise.” Raul R.
– Dallas, TX

“It has been a very enriching learning experience. The practical sessions were very helpful.” Hwah M.C. – Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia

“I thought it was an extremely informative and interesting course and I would definitely recommend this to anyone”
Elizabeth A. – Winchester, VA

“Excellent flow. We covered a lot of material in a short time” Brenda C. – Andover, MN
“The learning experience was great.” Rasila H. – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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