Ultra Seminar

Ultra Seminar
As a Silva Method Graduate you know the tremendous potential of your mind. If you are like most, you want to know
how to achieve even greater success. You will expand your knowledge, develop your healing abilities, understand
more about the nature of life and put this knowledge to use in your own life! Plan now to take the next step in your
ever expanding knowledge and use of your greatest asset, YOUR MIND!
The ULTRA SEMINAR is the next step in expanding your use of the Silva Method in your life. Some components of
the Ultra Seminar are:

• Master the objective and subjective dimensions to benefit you and others
• Learn to attain deeper levels of mind and use them for a better life
• Develop the ability to use your intuition in all areas of your life
• Learn to strengthen you immune system for improved health and improved energy
• Discover various healing techniques, how and when to use them

In the Ultra Seminar you will learn……

• Secrets of effective programming
• How to make better decisions
• The inner secrets of restoring health
• How to turn simple water into a very effective healing solution in just a few minutes
• How to get on the “interment” (Intermental Internet) and as a result collect money owed to you; advertise your
business free of charge; obtain the job you want; positively influence your children and much more
• How to subjectively communicate with someone without actually talking with them
• Teach your loved ones to relax and function at alpha so they can do their own programming
• How to fill objects with mental energy and information in order to reach countless goals
• How to greatly increase your energy in just a few minutes
• How to solve what seem to be unsolvable situations in just 72 hours using a mystical technique
• How to perform hands on healing to others, so they benefit objectively and subjectively using the powerful
Rapid Hand Vibration and Silva Standard Holistic Faith Healing techniques
• How you can send healing to several people at a distance at the same time
• How to tap into the Superconscious for problem solving using the Alpha Thinktank
The ULTRA SEMINAR enables you to:
• Learn how to help your loved ones, and to build a better life for all.
• Correct problems for yourself and your loved ones, individually & together.
• Learn to mentally correct problems in the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual areas.
• Learn how to condition your family members. Teach your children to enter their level and use the problem-
solving tools of the Silva Method. Teach them before the age of 14 ~ while they are still at lower brain waves.
• Learn how to use the Silva Rapid Healing Technique to provide instant relief to people who are hurt & in pain.
• Experience a healing session – as a Subject and as a Healer. Everybody has the ability to heal!
• Practice the series of holistic faith healing techniques that are so powerful & effective that they have brought
many people back from the brink of death to live happy, healthy lives.
• Learn how your aura can influence the environment, and learn how your environment can influence you
through the energy that has been stored there.
• Discover how you can program yourself to automatically project positive feelings to other people, so that
when they are with you they feel great! • Practice using the Soul Mold, a very powerful Healing tool, and learn how to project to it when tens of
thousands of other Silva grads are also projecting healing energy to it, to help yourself and your loved ones.
• Learn new ways to improve your visualization and imagination so that you can program effectively.

• Put more power in your programming.
• Heal & be healed.
• Increase your self confidence.
• Strengthen your immune system.
• Help your loved ones find their ideal level of mind & use the Silva Method techniques.
• Enhance visualization & imagination, the faculties of mind
• Understand more about the natural laws of the Universe and put them to use.
• Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs which limit your success.
• Achieve deeper levels of mind for stronger programming.
• The four ideal conditions for thought transference & when to use them.
• Learn to use & practice the standard conditioning exercise in order to help your loved ones overcome
problems to use them.
• Understand the Alpha Sound & tape recorder for the correction of health problems.

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