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Silva Quantum Success Pro

How would you like to discover the secrets of the greatest achievers in history of modern times and experience life like you have never experienced before? A life that is filled with success, joy, confidence, prosperity, health, and great relationships.


1. Find out how to join the most successful people in the world and learn about their secrets of success.

2. Learn how to remove limiting beliefs, and other self-sabotages so you can experience greater success in life.

3. Learn how to avoid creation by default, so you are no longer a victim of life’s circumstances.

4. Discover secrets which empower you to effectively and efficiently materialize and experience your goals so you can be successful every time.

5. Discover how the brain and mind work in achieving these goals and how to use them most efficiently.

6. Learn the pitfalls others have made so you are immune to them.

7. Learn ways to tap into the forces of the universe so you get assistance in manifesting your desires. This program has unique spiritual basis.

n this two day fully hands ontraining, you will learn techniques to:

*     Become a no limit person.

*    Learn how to attract more clients and customers to your business thru Omni Mind (subjective communications).

*    Discover how to change your limiting beliefs and desensitize worthless beliefs thru NBD (Negative Belief Desensitization) technique

*    Learn how to relate to more people so they are eagerly willing to join your business or acquire merchandise from you thru the Golden Emotional Wheel technique.

*    Find out how to use the Golden Image technique to win new clients thru classified ads, Internet and your business cards.

*    Find out how to maintain a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances thru the Golden Mental  Magnet technique.

*    Learn secrets of eliminating self-sabotages from your life, so you can accomplish your goals thru the Removing Negative Karma technique,

*    Find out how to bring harmony and balance between your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels thru the Chakra Balancing technique.

*    Discover the Universal Principles so you can utilize them to

manifest your desires effortlessly.

*    Find out how to enhance your intuitive faculties and tap into them to make better decisions thru the powerful INTUIT Technique.

*    Find the magical phrase that can boost your income many fold within a short period of time as well as boost your confidence and self-esteem thru the Golden Confidence Booster technique.

*    Learn the proper ways to set goals and energize them so they bear fruit every time thru the SMART tech

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