Chakra Tuning Set

Chakra Tuning Set

Chakra Tuning Set
Harmonic Spectrum Set is a full middle octave of 8 tuning forks
(C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C) based on the Pythagorean Scale, also known as the
Just Scale. The octave of tuning forks in this set is C through the
next higher C. They are the traditional chakra frequencies from the
Hindu tradition with C being the root chakra, D the sacral chakra, etc.

The Harmonic Spectrum Set works at a more physical level than the
Chakra Tuning Forks. The Chakra Tuning Forks are not based on a musical
scale, but based on the rotation of the planets around the Sun. The
Harmonic Spectrum Set is tuned to be more in touch with the physical
plane of existence. The physical plane is denser, more crystallized,
more cognitive, more centered more around the 5 human senses and the
bodily tissues, fluids, bones, organs, etc. In comparison, the Chakra
Tuning Forks work more on the cosmic multi-dimensions of our chakras,
our subtle bodies and other energy gateways & pathways. You can
also tone 2 of the Harmonic Spectrum Set forks together to create a

The Harmonic Spectrum Set emanates pure sounds and overtones to help
you relax and center yourself. The process of harmonic repatterning
uses two forks together creating various musical intervals. Each
interval creates a unique relationship between the chakras and subtle
bodies of your energy field. With an understanding of the chakras,
subtle bodies, or Polarity Therapy’s five element theory of Ether, Air,
Fire, Water and Earth, you can creatively combine your intervals to
provide a healing experience with sound.

The 8 Harmonic Spectrum Forks are as follows:

Chakra Color Note Frequency

Root Red C 256 Hz
Sacral Orange D 288 Hz
Solar Plexus Yellow E 320 Hz
Heart Green F 341.3 Hz
Throat Blue G 384 Hz
3rd Eye Indigo A 426.7 Hz
Crown Violet B 480 Hz
Higher octave of Root Chakra- C 512 Hz

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